The Composer Pro II is a tilting ball and socket lens that lets you tilt it off its axis, to place your area of focus anywhere within the frame.

  • The Sweet 35 Optic creates depth and movement with breathtaking results. It is simply unlike any 35mm lens you have ever seen.
  • The Sweet 50 Optic is a 50mm prime lens build for versatility that creates perfect focus in the sweet spot and in-your-face bokeh that carries its own unique perspective when dialed in.
  • The Edge 80 Optic is the workhorse of this kit and gives you ultimate control by allowing you to choose your plane of focus from top to bottom, side to side, and even diagonally. In addition, use Edge 80 to create stunning miniature-style shots by positioning yourself above the scene you’re shooting – whether a couple of stories up on a parking garage or atop a skyscraper.



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