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We were recently hired to produce two regional spots for Reeds Jewelers’ Holiday ’13 and Spring ‘14 promotional campaigns, a tremendous opportunity to showcase a remarkable family-run and nationally-operating full-service retail business with Lighthouse’s own brand of emotionally-driven and visually dynamic storytelling, a responsibility we did not take lightly.

The Lighthouse team was dedicated around the clock, handling every aspect of the production process while working closely with Reeds to bring the project from concept to creation. From comprehensive pre-production, including detailed storyboarding, budgeting, casting, and location scouting, to the main event, an exceptional two day shoot with an awesome local crew of over 100 hard-working professionals and outstanding dramatic talent, and culminating in an exciting and collaborative, and ultimately successful and satisfying, post-production period, this was truly a landmark Lighthouse effort across the board. And across the board, we had a blast doing it!

Along with our trusty arsenal of camera and lighting equipment, we threw a few new toys in the mix, like a helium HMI balloon on an 80 foot Condor to simulate moonlight, two classic handheld and hand-cranked film cameras to capture authentic and beautiful b-roll, and fifteen barrels of fake snow to turn our coastal landscape into a winter wonderland.

In other words, we know how to have a good time. But more than that, we’re just grateful for this essential experience and happy to have a finished product we can all be proud of.