Shining A Light On Small Business

On November 18, 2014 by lfc in Uncategorized

Ranked by Forbes as one of the best places in the country to start new businesses and careers, Wilmington, North Carolina is filled with creative people who are truly passionate about investing in and giving back to the community they love. Lighthouse has been lucky enough to call Wilmington home since 2001, and since 2001, Wilmington has been an integral part of who we are and how we’ve grown, as a business and as a family. So when Corbis Motion pitched us the idea of filming premium lifestyle footage of small, locally owned businesses, we knew we had to look no further than our own backyard.

Authenticity was essential for this shoot. We wanted to focus on real people running real businesses. After an extensive location scout that yielded an overwhelming number of exciting possibilities, from both up-and-coming and established businesses, all ready and willing to help, we chose four unique and ultimately exceptional options. A big shout out to Michael Vinson of Bloke Apparel, Billy Mellon of Manna, Shawn Spencer of Bike Cycles, and Pete Duncan of The Wood Studio! (And thanks also to the Kids Making It studio for a woodshop location with so much depth and character.)

As always, it was a pleasure assembling and working with a local crew of talented and trustworthy friends and allies. From the high quality menswear and intimate clothing shop setting of Bloke to the expertly crafted dishes and cocktails and the bustle of the kitchen at Manna, from the great customer service and professional bike repair on display in Bike Cycles to the amazing artistry and attention to detail of The Wood Studio, every member of the Lighthouse team and our outstanding cast and crew took great pride in showcasing these local landmarks and true Wilmington gems.

These small business shoots were accomplished with the tried and true team of director/DP Brad Walker, shooting with our Arri Alexa and Amira cameras, and Ben Coffman, utilizing our Canon 1DC and MOVI. Corbis’ Peter Schnaitmann was invaluable to the production as a whole and served as artistic director during the shoot. And with an incredible wealth of thriving local businesses still left to highlight and explore, we are already planning on future shoots that will continue to celebrate our town and the people and places that make it great.

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