Genie Mason

Production Studio Coordinator

The Master of Puzzles is the perfect title for Lighthouse’s Production Studio Coordinator, Genie! She is adventurous, goofy, and loyal which are great qualities to bring to the operations of Lighthouse. She is always going out of her way to help us solve problems no matter how small. Genie’s abundant knowledge of film began when she practiced on Windows Movie Maker in elementary school.

This exploration of the film world allowed her to see the many perspectives that cinema has to offer. Within that grew a yearning to teach it and a pursuit to study it on a master level at UNCW. Her meaningful accomplishments with UNCW include receiving the “Excellence in Critical Studies” in 2019 as well as contributing to their BLM Art Installation.Her life motto is “be excellent to each other and party on dudes!” In the same way she charges her crystals with the best intentions, Genie brings Lighthouse her charm, intellect, and caring attitude to our work every day, and we love it!