We Are: Lighthouse Films, Inc. is a Wilmington, NC-based company with a global reach that touches all aspects of film—pre-production, production, post, and equipment. We are industry innovators, and our company is built on personal relationships. Lighthouse tells compelling, emotional stories that increase value and understanding. What sets us apart? Our creative, hard-working & passionate team that goes the extra mile to help our clients while keeping the process easy and fun.

The Role: The Production Manager is Head of the Production Department and is responsible for establishing goals and priorities for the production department and production employees. This role requires a great communicator that has drive, initiative, persistence, a logistics mindset, and is a leader and motivator. This problem-solver will make themselves available to productions to manage and troubleshoot. In-depth industry knowledge is essential, along with professionalism, management skills, and a positive attitude. The Production Manager interfaces with all members of our team as well as vendors, independent contractors, interns, and valued clients. They especially work closely with our Director/DPs, Content Creators, Coordinators, and Account Manager. This position reports directly to the Company Owners.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Lead the company’s production department on a day-to-day basis.
  • Give company owners and Account Manager weekly progress updates.
  • Meet with Lighthouse Department Heads weekly ensuring effective communication and collaboration across departments
  • Supervise the Studio Production Coordinator
  • Oversee production interns, alongside the Studio Production Coordinator
  • Hire, train, supervise, and approve payment for production contractors
  • Oversee activities of Lighthouse’s production team members based on client needs and Getty priorities
  • Lead project retrospectives with the goal of continuous improvement in production processes and workflow

Duties & Responsibilities

Getty Producing:

  • Take ownership in assisting Lighthouse to reach its annual Getty clip count
  • Oversee all Getty stock productions from conception to media hand-off to post department
  • Collaborate with Post Supervisor ensuring Getty standards are met during production to reduce clip rejections and Getty promises to talent/locations/clients are fulfilled in a timely manner
  • Ensure all relevant releases for talent/properties are properly completed during production
  • Research and keep up with stock footage trends (briefs, Getty requests, etc.)
  • Develop a positive relationship with Getty Image representatives

Production Managing:

  • Project manage designated commercial, narrative, and promotional productions from conception to production completion
  • Oversee all tasks related to a successful production, including budgets/schedules/call sheets/travel documents/booking crew/crew deals/releases, etc.
  • Oversee production processes and quality control standards of the production department
  • Collaborate with Account Manager on time management of the Company’s resources (i.e., schedules, production calendars, employee delegation)
  • Communicate effectively with vendors, crew, talent, locations, interns, and Lighthouse staff about projects and production needs
  • Oversee quality control for duties delegated to Director/DPs, Coordinators, Content Creators, interns, and contractors
  • Ensure all paperwork for projects is completed and wrapped in a systematic and timely fashion
  • Provide meticulous off-site/on-site support to production teams during pre-production, production, wrap
  • Collaborate with the equipment department ensuring equipment lists are provided in timely manner and assist with crewing equipment prep/wrap according to Equipment Manager’s standards
  • Collaborate with Post-Production Supervisor ensuring a smooth transition from production to post, providing relevant production notes and documents in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with Account Manager to understand creative, asset delivery, and client requests
  • Hold regular production meetings and communicate with other Department Heads on how the production team can best collaborate with all parties to reach company goals
  • Give Company Owners updates on departmental successes, projects, obstacles, and needs
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Account Manager and Company Owners.

Production Accounting

  • Create production budgets and work diligently to ensure production schedules are met on or below budget
  • Oversee and negotiate crew, talent, and location deals
  • Inform accounting when invoices are approved for payment
  • Oversee production expenses in expense management system


  • Impeccable attention to detail and exceptional organization skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Leadership experience with proven initiative, follow through, and ability to motivate others
  • Project Management experience
  • Familiarity with production software and workflows
  • Ability to confidently problem-solve in fast-paced, ever-changing environments

Education and Experience:

  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum of 3 years of production supervisor, manager, and/or producer experience
  • Commercial/Film industry experience is required
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Mac OS, ShowBiz and General Tech-Savvy-ness
  • Ability to travel on production when needed

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to: