Paige Marsicano

Equipment Rental Coordinator

Former UNCW student of Film and International Studies, Paige is passionate about creating positive change in her local and global community. She believes in film as a medium that transports viewers across all manner of boundaries, forging empathy, and exposing truths- however difficult. A traveler at heart, Paige has a deep love of exploration. Her adventurous spirit has led her to longboard down the mountains of Colorado, backpack through Europe, hike the Appalachian Trail, kayak the swamps of the Cape Fear region, and take to the air as a private pilot. While she tries to keep her desk well stocked with snacks, Paige has been known to channel her hanger into miraculous results. Known for her intensity and attention to detail, she preps and keeps track of every piece of tech and gear that Lighthouse uses for productions and rentals, ensuring that all processes run smoothly.