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In April of 2013, the Lighthouse team arrived in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, like Hoffman and Cruise coming off that escalator ready for the big score.  Following a successful guerilla-style shoot in the spring of 2011, the LFC decided to go all-in for its triumphant return to the City of Lights and Luck, with an expansive two-day production in collaboration with CorbisMotion.

Taking a unique and vital approach to capturing modern lifestyles, Lighthouse brought along five real friends as opposed to hired talent and gave them the ultimate Vegas road trip experience. From lonely desert roads, open skies, and ghost towns, to the classic neon glitz of Old Downtown and the famous sprawl of the Las Vegas Strip, all the while behind the wheel of a shiny red ’68 Cadillac de Ville, they were truly living the dream. And it shows.

Like the King says, “All you need’s a strong heart and a nerve of steel.” Whether strapped to the hood or hanging out the door of the production van while demoing the Sony F55 on a desert highway or following the group of friends in real time as they explored, gambled, and danced their way through the crowded hustle and bustle of Fremont Street, we shot diligently and were consistently rewarded with honest moments, shared connections, and all the passion and thrills and euphoric highs and dramatic lows that are synonymous with the city itself. Viva Las Vegas!

On this shoot, the only ride sweeter than the Caddy was the fully-functioning process trailer we rented to capture some breathtaking footage of our cast speeding through the desert at Magic Hour and cruising under the bright lights of downtown Vegas at night.

Lucky for us, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay there.